Matt is a ceramicist

Although he has a decade of ceramic experience and a studio arts degree from SFSU, Matt doesn’t just teach people to play with clay! He has a background in work-skill trainings for folks with brain injuries, as well as a long history with the non-profit, Holistic Underground. His emphasis there was around mindfulness and non-violent communication.


Ivan is a sculptor

Ivan’s connection to clay comes from his affinity for the the earth and the natural world. He has spent nearly ten years nurturing the Artillery AG business and all the while, has been spending his time at places like Pie Ranch to stay in-tune with his green roots. Ivan’s constant mission is to tie ceramics with both the wild-world and personal agriculture.


Pacha is a puppy

More than just a shop-dog! Pacha welcomes every guest and keeps us all sane while we house an overwhelming amount of creative energy in Artillery! We do our best to keep the studio and storefront as dog-friendly as possible. We also have a large escape-proof backyard for any pups that don’t like all the movement of the studio space. Pacha is always looking for pals to play with! She definitely has enough dog bowls however.

Artillery AG’s Herstory

May 30, 2009 Artillery A.G. blossomed in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission district. Artists/Founders Ivan Lopez & Alexa Treviño set out to establish an alternative space that embodies the Bay Area entrepreneurial artistic spirit. Artillery A.G. has dedicated its time to create an organic network of 80+ Artists and Designers from all walks of life.

Consistently evolving with our in house artists along side the 80+ Bay Area artists and designers, Artillery demonstrates the sweat & passion in our craft. Making products with a purpose to move you. We work together to promote peace, love, & education through art while bridging different communities together.

We have been able to be a platform for emerging artists reaching all parts of the spectrum. Exhibiting work of visual artists from fine art to street art. Creating wearable art and stepping away from fast fashion. We provide a space for local musicians to share their love and message with our growing community.

We want to show you our hustle and skill, to spark the connection that we all share. No matter who you are you can appreciate the greatness in everyone. We want to be better so that we can all be better (MEWE). Art is a language we can all understand and right now more than ever we need to communicate.

With your support we make our passion our profession.


The Artillery A.G. Familia

www.artillery-ag.com     2751 Mission St. San Francisco CA 94110 artillery @artillery-ag.com